Bone Implants

Our company is constantly expanding and finding suitable solutions for spinal column surgeries, from vertebral grafts to lumbar vertebrae. These solutions aim to outline and reconstruct discs and improve back pain with minimal invasion and minimal time.

Types of spinal surgery methods:

- Percutaneous discectomy
- Kyphoplasty method
- Vertebroplasty method
- Adipose tissue MSCS method (stem cells)
- Bone marrow MSCS method
- Screwing

Pouyan Tech Product

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Cobalt Chrome ROD

Pouyan tech Cobalt chrome rod spine implants are another type of orthopedic implant used in ...

Titanium ROD

Pouyan tech Titanium rod spine implants are used in spinal fusion surgeries to provide stability and support...

Interbody Fusion Cage

 Inter body fusion cages are orthopedic implants used in spinal fusion surgeries to help stabilize the spine....

Pedicle Screws

cancellous Cortical polyaxial pedicle screws are a type of orthopedic implant used in spinal fusion surgeries...

Three Threads Polyaxial Pedicle Screws

Pouyantech Three threads polyaxial pedicle screws are an another type of orthopedic implant used in spinal...

Nut Screw

Pouyan Tech Nut screw :In orthopedic surgery, nut screws are commonly used in conjunction with plates, rods, or other implants to stabilize fractures...


Kyphoplasty is a procedure used to treat vertebral compression fractures, which are often caused by osteoporosis or traumatic injury

Cross Link

Pouyan tech cross link : In spine surgery, a cross-link implant is a device used to provide additional stability and support to the spinal instrumentation system...